Woman Dies After Hospital Refused To Administer Ivermectin Despite Husband’s Lawsuit

Husband unsuccessfully sued hospital in attempt to have wife treated with ivermectin.

Image Credits: Courtesy of Ryan Drock | WPTV.com.

A 47-year-old woman from Florida who was hospitalized with COVID-19 twelve weeks ago has died after a medical facility refused to treat her with ivermectin as prescribed by a doctor.

Tamara Drock, a West Palm Beach kindergarten teacher, passed away on Friday according to her husband Ryan.

In early October, Ryan sued Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center in an attempt to get Tamara treated with ivermectin.

Ryan Drock said the drug helped him and other people he knows in recovering from COVID-19.

“My wife is on death’s doorstep; she has no other option,” Drock said.

Ryan even offered to sign a waiver so the hospital wouldn’t be liable if the treatment didn’t work.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge James Nutt ruled against Drock, writing, “It is not a right to demand a particular treatment. It is not a right to substitute one’s judgment as to which treatments must (be) made available by others. There is no right, constitutional or otherwise, of a patient to substitute one’s judgment for a medical professional.”

After Ryan Drock found a doctor who would prescribe ivermectin to his wife, the hospital refused to follow through with the treatment because he doesn’t have privileges with them.

Judge Nutt asked the hospital and Mr. Drock to come to an agreement on their own, but the discussion fell apart after the medical facility said they would administer ivermectin, but not at the dosage asked for by Drock.

Following Tamara’s death, Ryan said, “I’m hoping they name a law after her so no one has to go through this. If she had walked out of the hospital she could have had the medication.”

Back in December 2020, Dr. Pierre Kory went before a Senate committee to explain the effectiveness of Ivermectin. Is it any wonder that he went on to treat 200 members of Congress.