Woman Planting Flowers on Sidewalk Hospitalized After Brutal ‘Knockout Game’ Attack

Police arrest 19-year-old also suspected in similar assault aboard bus

Image Credits: Seattle Police Department.

A woman planting flowers along a sidewalk in Seattle was hospitalized with serious injuries after a suspect viciously kicked her in the face in an ambush similar to ‘knockout game’ attacks.

Police say they have arrested a 19-year-old whom they believe may have carried out a similar assault on another woman aboard a local bus.

“On Thursday, January 7 around 5 pm, a 56-year-old woman was planting flowers at the base of a tree on the sidewalk at 4th and Blanchard Street. A man approached her from behind and kicked her on the side of her head. He then continued walking southbound on 4th Ave,” the Seattle Police Department (SPD) announced in a statement.

The woman was hospitalized with injuries that included “approximately ten fractures to her cheekbone, nose, sinuses, and eye socket.”

SPD has released surveillance footage from the incident.


King County authorities believe the suspect may have been the perpetrator in a similar assault the day before and have released footage of that attack, as well.

“The man became upset about a woman talking on the phone and then kicked her in the head. The woman sustained a concussion in the assault,” SPD said.

The suspect was interviewed and was slated to be booked into King County Jail as of Wednesday.

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