Woman Sucker-Punched in Chinatown by Suspect With 17 Prior Arrests

Vagrant on the loose in NYC despite extensive arrest history for assaults, arson

Image Credits: Screenshots Twitter / Instagram.

A homeless man with a lengthy arrest record has been apprehended again, this time for allegedly punching an Asian woman in the face as she walked through Chinatown in New York City on Monday afternoon, according to reports.

Alexander Wright, 48, has been charged with assault as a hate crime, assault, and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Video footage of the seemingly unprovoked attack was shared on social media.

The 55-year-old female victim can be seen strolling along a sidewalk in Manhattan when the suspect, approaching from the opposite direction, sucker-punches her in the face.

The woman is knocked to the ground and sits motionless as passersby rush to her aid.

The victim was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, where she received treatment for a facial injury and was listed in stable condition.

Footage of Wright’s arrested was shared on Instagram by a man who says he witnessed the attack.

Wright, who lives in a homeless shelter, has reportedly been arrested at least 17 times, including eight times for assault and arson last year alone.

“He’s randomly assaulting people,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Tuesday.

“What are we doing in society when we are releasing these people right back onto the street? It’s craziness.”

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