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Image for Trump Demands South Korea Pay 400% More For US Troops – Report

Trump Demands South Korea Pay 400% More For US Troops – Report

Announcement comes after North Korea accuses US of breaching a previous deal by taking part in joint military exercises in region

1 day ago By Audrey Conklin | Daily Caller News Foundation

Image for Taiwan Evacuates Over 500 Students From Hong Kong

Taiwan Evacuates Over 500 Students From Hong Kong

City violence reaching new levels

2 days ago By Sputnik

Turkish President Erdogan says he ‘can’t harm relations with Russia’ by ditching S-400 on Trump’s demand

Though the US and Turkey are both NATO members, Erdogan has been a willing partner of Russia

3 days ago By RT

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Nov 14, 2019

Nov 13, 2019

Nov 11, 2019

US Mormon Community Flees Mexico After Cartel Massacre

Religious community now mostly barren

Nov 11, 2019

Russian, Turkish Military Start 4th Joint Patrol in Syria’s North

Countries recently signed joint memorandum that stipulated conditions for the peaceful withdrawal of Kurdish militia in Syria

Nov 11, 2019

Turkey Repatriating ISIS Jihadists to US, Europe

Terrorists being deported to home countries

Nov 08, 2019

Families of Cartel Massacre Victims Insist Attack “Was No Accident”

Governments, media sweep shocking slaughter under rug

Nov 07, 2019

North Korea Slams ‘Provocative’ Air Exercises by US

Says nuclear talks on ‘verge of extinction’

Nov 06, 2019

Space economy: China wants to set up $10 trillion Earth-Moon economic zone

The project could bring in around $10 trillion for China

Nov 05, 2019

Yemen Rivals Sign Power-Sharing Deal

Move described as vital step toward achieving peace in region

Nov 04, 2019

Iran Announces New Nuclear Deal Violations

Tehran doubles number of advanced centrifuges

Nov 01, 2019

Watch: Israel Activates Iron Dome, Downs Multiple Rockets

IDF says defense system intercepted seven rockets fired from Gaza

Oct 31, 2019

More Middle Eastern Countries Join US In Sanctions Against Hezbollah-Linked Iranian Financial Network

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin celebrates effort to counter terror financing

Oct 30, 2019

Mole Inside ISIS Essential to Al-Baghdadi Raid, Officials Say

ISIS defector provided room-by-room layout of Syrian compound

Oct 28, 2019

Two Rockets Hit US Military Camp in Baghdad – Report

Iraqi security sources claim rockets hit Taji Camp north of Baghdad

Oct 28, 2019

Globalist Creation ISIS Shattered

President Trump destroys the establishment's boogeymen

Oct 25, 2019

Russia launches ‘combat icebreaker’ Ivan Papanin, an advanced patrol boat for the Arctic

The Russian military plans to use the multipurpose ship for patrols of its Arctic waters

Oct 23, 2019

Turkey Says ‘No Need to Start New Syria Offensive’ After Erdogan-Putin Talks

Trump's America First strategy in Syria may be working

Oct 22, 2019

New Silk Road: Kenya’s massive $1.5bn railway funded & built entirely by China

The so-called Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project was launched in 2017

Oct 22, 2019

Mexico Sends in Troops After Failed ‘El Chapo’ Son Arrest

400 elite soldiers deployed to battle cartels

Oct 21, 2019

Trump ‘fully prepared’ for military action against Turkey – Pompeo

Turkey and the US agreed on a five-day ceasefire last week

Oct 21, 2019

Huawei Executives Trying to Secure Meeting With Trump Amid Sanctions

Trump admin claims company spies on customers for China's government

Oct 21, 2019

Chile Extends Curfew as Death Toll Rises

Eight dead in wave of unrest

Oct 18, 2019

Gun Battle Rages in El Chapo Stronghold

Police, cartel shootout rocks Culiacan

Oct 17, 2019

Putin Presides Over Massive Missile Exercise Involving Submarines, Bombers, More

Russia testing all three components of its nuclear triad

Oct 17, 2019

Trump Attributes “Tough Love” to US, Turkey Ceasefire

Says he's proud of all parties involved

Oct 17, 2019

Oct 16, 2019

13 Mexican Police Officers Killed In Suspected Cartel Ambush

Following the attack, Mexican authorities reinforced the region

Oct 15, 2019

Putin Invites Erdogan to Russia – Kremlin

Leaders agree to avoid clashes between Turkish & Syrian armed forces

Oct 14, 2019

ABC Attempts to Pass Off Gun Range Footage as Combat Footage From Syria to Blame Trump

For "atrocities" as a result of him pulling out U.S. troops.

Oct 14, 2019