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Image for In Show Of “Goodwill,” Beijing Exempts US Pork, Soybeans From Trade-War Tariffs

In Show Of “Goodwill,” Beijing Exempts US Pork, Soybeans From Trade-War Tariffs

The decision was characterized as the latest in a series of tit-for-tat trade war deescalations

2 days ago By Zero Hedge

Image for Russia Asks Interpol To Find Alleged CIA Informant

Russia Asks Interpol To Find Alleged CIA Informant

Mole reportedly found living near Washington DC

3 days ago By Chuck Ross | Daily Caller News Foundation

US Targets Three Hacking Groups for North Korean ‘Malicious Cyber Activity’

One group's attack impacted 150 countries, caused the shutdown of some 300,000 computers

3 days ago By Sputnik

US Still Mulling Sanctions Against Turkey

Following Russia’s July delivery of the S-400, the White House announced the F-35 partnership with Turkey was over

4 days ago By Voice of America

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Sep 12, 2019

Chinese Combat Drones Sold in Europe – Report

Chicoms working to protect global development strategy

Sep 11, 2019

India Set to Carry Out Biggest War Games Near China Border

Exercise set in disputed Arunachal Pradesh

Sep 10, 2019

Taliban Threatens US With Jihad, Seizes More Land in Afghanistan After Canceled Peace Talks

Trump canceled meeting after Taliban claimed responsibility for Kabul attacks

Sep 10, 2019

Sep 10, 2019

The Trillion-Dollar Military Still Isn’t Enough for the War Party

Spending targets and totals are simply numbers plucked out of the air by central planners with the help of lobbyists from organizations that benefit from the largesse

Sep 09, 2019

Russia Calls for ‘Symmetrical Steps’ to Prevent Missile Arms Race

FM accuses US of preparing missile test long before INF treaty exit

Sep 06, 2019

Navy Deploys Frigate With New Anti-Ship Missile

Vessel heading towards Indo-Pacific theater

Sep 05, 2019

Russia offered to sell Trump hypersonic weapons – Putin

It remains unclear if the US president has considered the offer

Sep 05, 2019

Syrian Terrorists Using Western-Designed Drones – Moscow

Moscow wants global cooperation to stop attacks on Russian facilities

Sep 04, 2019

Israeli Satellite Firm Claims to Have Published First Photos of Russian Weapons System in Turkey

US claims S-400 tech incompatible with NATO's air defense weapons

Sep 04, 2019

Sep 03, 2019

Iran Vows to Further Breach Nuclear Limits

President Rouhani slams US sanctions on Iran's space agency

Sep 03, 2019

US to Pull 5,000 Troops From Afghanistan Under Peace Deal – Official

Says agreement already reached, draft accord awaits Trump approval

Aug 30, 2019

Aug 30, 2019

Aug 29, 2019

DARPA Pushes Underground Warfare in Project That Sheds Light on Need For Tunnels

Project Underminer focuses on "offensive tactical tunneling" which may also have future use with Space Force for missions on the Moon

Aug 29, 2019

DARPA Asks Public For An Underground Lair For “Research & Experimentation”

Military research agency admits request sounds ominous

Aug 28, 2019

Bolton Claims China Stole F-35 Design

Says jet latest example of China stealing intellectual property

Aug 26, 2019

Lebanon President Calls Suspected Israeli Attacks “Declaration Of War”

Nation's paramilitary group Hezbollah more powerful than army

Aug 23, 2019

Putin orders ‘symmetrical’ response to US missile test, says Washington worked to breach INF

Putin was speaking just days after the US military test-fired a ground version of Tomahawk cruise missile

Aug 23, 2019

Queens Women Plead Guilty to Planning Islamic Terror Attacks

Both intent on waging violent jihad in US

Aug 23, 2019

China’s Plan For Hong Kong Invasion Revealed

Infowars reporters are on the ground in Hong Kong breaking down these bombshell developments

Aug 22, 2019

South Korea Scraps Military Intel Deal With Japan

Pentagon alarmed amid rising tensions

Aug 21, 2019

Pentagon Concerned Over China Lobbying US Allies – Report

Communist giant accused of eroding US ties in Middle East

Aug 20, 2019

Aerial Footage of Town Reclaimed by Syrian Army Surfaces

Army has cut supply route of terror group

Aug 19, 2019

Report: China’s Missiles Can Destroy America’s Navy Fleets, Military Bases in “Hours”

US no longer enjoys military primacy in region, according to Sydney University

Aug 16, 2019

Air Force Base Locked Down After Gate Runner Storms Facility, Attacks Officers

Intruder shot dead after stabbing security forces member

Aug 15, 2019

Chinese Forces Run Exercises Along Hong Kong Border

Chicoms preparing to crush pro-freedom uprising

Aug 13, 2019

Report: NATO Jet Chased Away From Russian Official’s Plane

Russian military accuses NATO jet of approaching defense minister's plane over neutral waters

Aug 12, 2019

China Releases Video of Army Preparing For Hong Kong Invasion

Editor of state-owned outlet says riots won't be allowed to continue

Aug 12, 2019

Space Force Closer to Launch

New military service receives congressional support

Aug 09, 2019

Beijing Accused of Secretly Deploying Police to Hong Kong

Professor says demonstrators pushing city into a very dangerous situation

Aug 08, 2019

Trump Bashes Macron for Sending Iran ‘Mixed Signals’

Slams French leader for speaking on behalf of US

Aug 07, 2019

Pakistan Expels Indian Envoy

Tensions between nuclear powers escalate