World at War

Image for Armenia, Azerbaijan Forces Clash for 2nd Day

Armenia, Azerbaijan Forces Clash for 2nd Day

War breaking out in Caucasus

1 day ago By Voice of America

Image for North Korea Apologizes for Shooting of South Korea Official

North Korea Apologizes for Shooting of South Korea Official

Extremely unusual for North Korean leader to issue apology to South

4 days ago By Deutsche Welle

Nearly 100 Arrested in Louisville Riots

Kentucky city latest to descend into anarchy

5 days ago By Sputnik

International Support Group Urges Lebanon’s Leaders to Immediately Form New Government

Country still devastated by Beirut blast

6 days ago By Sputnik

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Sep 23, 2020

Pentagon Planning Full Withdrawal From Afghanistan by May 2021

Execution of scheme would be 'condition-based'

Sep 22, 2020

Sep 22, 2020

NYPD Officer Charged With Spying for China

Accused of spying on members of Tibetan community

Sep 21, 2020

China’s Air Force Posts Clip of Simulated Attack on US Airbase

Video released amid escalating tensions over Taiwan

Sep 18, 2020

US Ambassador Accuses China of Trying to ‘Cover Up’ Wuhan Virus Outbreak

"They could have contained it," outgoing diplomat says

Sep 18, 2020

Trump Admin to Ban Downloads of TikTok, WeChat

US claims social media companies share user data with Chinese intelligence services

Sep 17, 2020

China Denies Connection With Company ‘Monitoring’ Indians, Including President, Prime Minister

China calls Shenzhen-based data-harvesting firm a "private entity"

Sep 16, 2020

Def Sec Esper Warns of ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ & ‘Killer Satellites’ From Communist China

Comes as speculation swirls over such weapons being used to accelerate the Pacific Northwest wildfires

Sep 15, 2020

US Military Reveals it Can’t Corroborate NYT’s Story on ‘Russian Bounties’ to Taliban

MSM, politicians caught spreading another massive lie designed to hurt Trump

Sep 14, 2020

DHS Blocks Products Linked To Uighur Labor Camps & “Modern Slavery” From Entering US

Department doing everything in its power to protect American workers, citizens, supply chain

Sep 14, 2020

Sep 14, 2020

Video: China Shows Off Joint-Strike Abilities in Tibet Amid Peace Talks With India

Footage shows country's army, air force practicing high-altitude drills

Sep 10, 2020

US Revokes Visas of Over 1,000 Chinese Students, Researchers

Trump admin cites security risks posed by Chinese citizens

Sep 09, 2020

Where Did the US Government Get the Power to Assassinate People?

This CIA’s omnipotent power to assassinate people came into existence without even the semblance of a constitutional amendment. It was ostensibly enacted by Congress and later acceded to by the Supreme Court

Sep 08, 2020

Roosevelt’s Fraud at Yalta and the Mirage of the “Good War”

The fact that Yalta can now clearly be seen to have been a betrayal is another reason to be wary when pundits and talk show hosts jump on the bandwagon for the next killing spree abroad

Sep 04, 2020

Sep 02, 2020

China Slams Pentagon Report Warning of Country’s Nuclear Arsenal

'False & biased' report claims China set to double its number of nuclear warheads

Sep 02, 2020

India Deploys Troops to Border Amid Boiling Tensions With China – Report

Country issues high alert along China, Nepal and Bhutan borders

Sep 01, 2020

Sep 01, 2020

Aug 31, 2020

US to Reduce Troop Levels in Iraq

Iraqi officials have yet to make any announcement

Aug 28, 2020

Beijing Warns of ‘Possible Military Accidents’ After US Carries Out Operation in South China Sea

PLA spokesman slams US warship entering Chinese territorial waters 'without permission'

Aug 28, 2020

Macron Sets ‘Red Line’ With Turkey Amid Mediterranean Row

Turkey's drilling in Med has long mired relations with Greece, Cyprus

Aug 27, 2020

Pentagon Slams China’s Missile Launches in South China Sea

Ambassador says Washington not intimidated

Aug 27, 2020

Aug 26, 2020

Greece Vows to Expand Territorial Waters – Turkey Once Called Move Grounds For War

Athens' maritime boundaries set to extend for six to 12 nautical miles in Ionian Sea

Aug 25, 2020

Kim Jong-un’s Sister Expands Power in North Korea: Report

Kim Yo-jong now "effectively running" one of DPRK's "most important" political bodies, says media

Aug 24, 2020

Aug 21, 2020

Trump Touts “Making Very Big Oil Deals” As Condition For Rapid Troop Exit From Iraq

"We look forward to the day when we don’t have to be there," says president

Aug 21, 2020

Pakistani Minister Threatens India With Nuclear Attack “To Save Muslim Lives” on National TV

Tensions for India about to shift right back to its Western border

Aug 20, 2020

Iran Unveils New Ballistic Missile Named After Soleimani

Unveiling occurred just days after UN vote to drop arms embargo

Aug 20, 2020

US Terminates Bilateral Agreements With Hong Kong Amid Chicom Takeover

Beijing crushing Hong Kong's semi-autonomous status

Aug 19, 2020