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Image for Sweden Refuses to Share Results of Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion Investigation With Russia

Sweden Refuses to Share Results of Nord Stream Pipeline Explosion Investigation With Russia

Putin suggests cover-up of true culprits.

2 days ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

Image for Professor Sachs: ‘Ukraine Needs To Stop Bombing Nuclear Power Plant And Blaming it on Russia’

Professor Sachs: ‘Ukraine Needs To Stop Bombing Nuclear Power Plant And Blaming it on Russia’

"It is almost surely Ukraine shelling the power plant and we can't bring ourselves to express a simple truth"

3 days ago By Steve Watson | INFOWARS.COM

‘General Armageddon’ to Lead Russian Forces in Ukraine, Defense Ministry Announces

Sergey Surovikin, a Syria campaign veteran, will take command of all operations, the Defense Ministry said.

4 days ago By RT

The First Shots of Nuclear War Have Been Fired: Steve Quayle Issues Emergency Warning

"I'm concerned about a false flag that is going to be blamed on the Russians...I believe there is going to be a very serious nuclear or hyperbaric weapon demonstration," he says.

5 days ago By

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Oct 06, 2022

US Intel Concludes Ukraine Was Responsible For Car Bombing That Killed Darya Dugina

Car bombing private citizens is what the 'good guys' do.

Oct 05, 2022

Oct 04, 2022

Greenwald: No One Talks About Ending Ukraine War For Fear Of Being Labelled A ‘Traitor’

It's a "dangerous delusion" to dismiss Putin's nuclear threat

Oct 03, 2022

Former Pentagon Advisor Says US Likely Attacked Nord Stream Pipelines to Isolate Germany

"You have to look at who are the state actors that have the capability to do this."

Sep 28, 2022

Sep 28, 2022

CIA Warned Germany About Gas Pipeline Attack Weeks Ago

Berlin received tip from US spy agency in the summer.

Sep 27, 2022

Sep 25, 2022

Finland Shuts Borders With Russia As Military Age Men Flee

Too many Russians flooding in country would cause "serious damage to Finland's international position," says Finnish government.

Sep 24, 2022

Poland Begins Handing Out Iodine Pills On Fears Of Ukraine Nuclear Plant Meltdown

"After the media reports about battles near the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, we decided...ahead of time to take protective action to distribute iodine," says Polish deputy minister.

Sep 21, 2022

Study Says Nuclear War Would Cause Apocalyptic New Ice Age

Global temperatures would plunge by about 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sep 18, 2022

Leaked Documents Expose Ukrainian Attempts to Destabilize Russia, Draw NATO into Full-Scale War with Moscow

Plans concocted by the special services reveal Kiev’s aggressive strategy over many years.

Aug 27, 2022

Growing Risk Ukraine Nuclear Plant Could Sputter Radioactive Substances: Operator

Ukraine and Russia are blaming each other for repeatedly shelling the territory around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

Aug 16, 2022

Nuclear War Between US and Russia Would Wipe Out 5 Billion People

Two thirds of the planet would starve to death.

Aug 08, 2022

Amnesty ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ For Revealing Ukraine is Violating International Law

Stands by report that Ukrainian forces are being situated in residential areas.

Aug 08, 2022

CBS News Censors Its Own Documentary Exposing How 70% of US Funding of Ukraine is Wasted

Announces "we are updating our documentary" after pressure.

Aug 06, 2022

Taiwanese Military Accuses China of ‘Simulating Attack’ on Island in Wake of Pelosi’s Visit

Comes as Beijing announced Friday that it would sever relations with Washington regarding climate change, anti-crime cooperation, and military-to-military dialogue.

Aug 04, 2022

Pelosi Claims China is Angry Because She’s a Woman

Absurdly injects identity politics into geopolitical controversy.

Aug 03, 2022

Aug 02, 2022

China Accuses US of Provocation

Foreign Minister Wang Yi says US officials are continuously challenging China’s sovereignty

Jul 16, 2022

Jul 15, 2022

World is nearing ‘brink’ of nuclear war – Tulsi Gabbard

Biden is escalating the Russia-Ukraine conflict, risking a catastrophic fight with Moscow, an ex-congresswoman has warned

Jul 11, 2022

NYC Gov’t Issues PSA on How To Prepare For Nuclear Attack

Creepy public service announcement comes as nuclear war rhetoric between the U.S. and Russia intensifies over the protracted Ukraine conflict.

Jul 07, 2022

NATO a threat to world peace – China

Beijing’s Foreign Ministry has accused the US-led bloc of ‘creating conflicts and waging wars’

Jun 21, 2022

‘Ukraine Has Lost This War’: Top Army Colonel Says West ‘Doubling Down on Failure’

Russia controls territory responsible for 80% of Ukraine's gross domestic product and is now preparing to annex it into the Federation, according to Ret. Col. Douglas MacGregor.

Jun 05, 2022

Russia Targets Western-Supplied Tank Depot In Kiev In Rare Cruise Missile Attack

Putin said Sunday that the new inclusion of Western long-range missile systems in Ukraine's defenses would lead Moscow to hit "objects that we haven't yet struck."

May 31, 2022

Russia Threatens To Annihilate U.S. With 4 Satan II Missiles Over Ukraine Proxy War

Chilling warning comes just a day after Russia test-launched its long-range hypersonic Zircon missile.

May 31, 2022

Kremlin Responds to Claims Putin is Terminally Ill

Dubious claims have been making the rounds in western media for weeks.