World Economic Forum Mocked Over Singer’s Bizarre Performance

Not only do the globalists want you to eat the bugs and own nothing and be happy, they also want you to listen to crazy, nonsensical music.

Image Credits: wef.

Elite attendees of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland were bombarded with ridicule following a bizarre musical performance so bad many took note of it on social media.

The performance, featuring Israeli vocalist Achinoam Nini singing in no particular language, was mocked by various users for its absurdity and bastardization of traditional musical formats.

“This is what the #WorldEconomicForum calls entertainment…” one user commented, adding, “We truly are living in some kind of insane Hell like alternate reality.”

Dr. Eli David said the song, “if you call this a ‘song,’” was a “perfect match for WEF.”

“We won’t forget how she viciously attacked unvaccinated Israelis, and justified stripping them of their rights and liberties,” Dr. David added.

User Clown World blasted the performance with a laughing crying face emoji.

Other users compared the odd vocalizations to that of the alien singer in the film The Fifth Element.

Other Twitter users also responded to the musical act with mockery.

The act was one of several performed at a concert for the globalist entity.