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Image for Report: Russian Tennis Player Circumvents Wimbledon Ban By Becoming Georgian

Report: Russian Tennis Player Circumvents Wimbledon Ban By Becoming Georgian

Says ban on Russian sportsmen and women "is super unfair because none of them have done anything."

2 hours ago By Steve Watson | INFOWARS.COM

Image for Ukraine Bans Main Opposition Party, Seizes All Its Assets

Ukraine Bans Main Opposition Party, Seizes All Its Assets

'Beacon of democracy' cracks down on dissent.

3 hours ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

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Jun 20, 2022

Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia As China’s Top Oil Supplier

Chinese imports of Russian crude surged by 55 percent in May as the world’s biggest importer of oil took advantage of major discounts.

Jun 20, 2022

‘Russia Has Won This War’: German Journalist Says West Lying About Ukraine War

"We cannot win this war, we have to end it as quickly as possible and that is also of great value to start a diplomatic initiative," says Wolfram Weimer.

Jun 20, 2022

French Aquatic Centers Shut Down After Hundreds of ‘Youths’ Wreak Havoc

Huge mobs of 'young people' riot at summer leisure parks

Jun 20, 2022

Russia Demands Lithuania Lift “Openly Hostile” Blockade; Panic Buying Ensues

One of the biggest Russia-West provocations of Ukraine war hardly reported by MSM

Jun 20, 2022

Jun 18, 2022

Public Opinion On Ukraine Shifts As Europeans Back Immediate Peace Over Seeking Russian Defeat

The majority in all countries except Poland want peace as soon as possible, insisting the war must end even if Ukraine has to make territorial concessions to Russia, according to survey.

Jun 14, 2022

Zelensky vows to retake Donbass and Crimea

The Ukrainian president was speaking after his military bombarded civilian areas in Donetsk

Jun 13, 2022

New Zealand to Tax Cow, Sheep Burps for Climate Change

First country to impose tax on animal flatulence in effort to 'reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions

Jun 13, 2022

France Enters ‘War Economy’ – Macron

French president wants to boost military spending in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Jun 13, 2022

‘Queer Ethics Professor’ Calls For Pedophilia To Be Destigmatised And Taught In Schools

Claims that a significant "percentage of high school students have an innate pedophilic sexual identity"

Jun 13, 2022

Putin Plans to Weaponize ‘Refugees’ To Generate “Instability” in Europe

Global famine would cause migrants to flee North Africa and Middle East.

Jun 09, 2022

UN Warns of Global Food ‘Catastrophe’

Millions of people could go hungry if grain exports from Russia and Ukraine decline further, according to the United Nations

Jun 08, 2022

Teen Beaten, Shot by Mob on Bus in France

Transport union slams lack of official response to surging crime and violence

Jun 08, 2022

Oslo School Board’s Move to Participate in LGBT Pride Slammed for ‘Sexualization’ of Kids

"When you send children to a public school, you expect it to be neutral and not to push ideologies."

Jun 08, 2022

Ukraine to Ban ‘War and Peace’ From Being Taught in Schools

Classic novel latest victim of Russophobia.

Jun 08, 2022

Car rams into crowd in Berlin

One person was reportedly killed and eight others injured in the incident

Jun 07, 2022

Swedish City Rocked by Suspected Arson Rampage as Cars, Buildings Set Ablaze

Parking garage, apartment building, 34 cars damaged or destroyed in night of 'arson attacks'

Jun 07, 2022

Instead of Uniting the World, Globalization Has Set Nation Against Nation

The Davos crowd sold globalization as a way to bring nations together

Jun 07, 2022

UK to Supply Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has announced the shipment of the US-made M270 multiple-launch rocket system to Kiev

Jun 07, 2022

US issues nuclear warning to North Korea

A top State Department official said ‘the entire world’ would react harshly to any nuclear test by Pyongyang

Jun 06, 2022

“Evil and Wicked”: Over 50 Parishioners Killed in “Vile and Satanic” Inside Catholic Church in Nigeria

At least 50 dead including many children as attackers targeted the St Francis Catholic Church in southwestern Ondo state as worshippers gathered on Sunday.

Jun 06, 2022

Jun 06, 2022

Poles Told to Forage for Wood to Heat Homes

Citizens are given permission to collect branches from forests amid soaring energy costs

Jun 06, 2022

Jun 06, 2022

Boris Johnson could be toppled this week – Sunday Times

Members of the British prime minister’s party reportedly expect his leadership to be challenged this week in a confidence vote

Jun 05, 2022

TRUCKING FOR FREEDOM: Convoy Docuseries Exposes Tyrannical Biden & Trudeau Regimes

Learn the truth about the Canadian Trucker Convoy's mass protest against Trudeau's government and what it means for the future of Canada.

Jun 05, 2022

Russia Targets Western-Supplied Tank Depot In Kiev In Rare Cruise Missile Attack

Putin said Sunday that the new inclusion of Western long-range missile systems in Ukraine's defenses would lead Moscow to hit "objects that we haven't yet struck."

Jun 04, 2022

Putin: Europe’s ‘Stupid, Short-Sighted’ Policies Provoked Energy, Food Crises

Russian president also suggested that Ukraine's role as a food commodity exporter is not as significant as its being made out to be by the West.

Jun 03, 2022

Jun 03, 2022

Telegram Messenger Sends Data to German Law Enforcement Despite Denying It – Report

Messenger app blocked 64 channels whose content German government considered "extremist"