WTF – Flashback: Young Girl Vomits on Lady Gaga During Performance

'Vomit artist' sticks fingers down throat to induce regurgitation of blue-green liquid on 'Poker Face' singer.

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Footage of a young girl throwing up on pop star Lady Gaga is being revisited in the wake of the satanic 2023 Grammy’s performance.

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In the video being recirculated on social media from Gaga’s 2014 show at the SXSW music festival, performance artist Millie Brown sticks her fingers down her throat to induce regurgitation of blue-green dyed milk during a song called, “Swine,” as Gaga bangs on some drums.

The so-called “vomit artist” was later accused of glorifying the eating disorder bulimia, which she claimed she was not trying to promote.

The disturbing video is being recycled on the heels of an occultic display put on at the 2023 Grammy Awards last week by “non-binary” singer Sam Smith and transgender singer Kim Petras, who appeared to perform a satanic ritual while wearing demonic outfits.