WTF: Ukraine Releases Convicted Murderers & Criminals To Fight Russian Forces

What could possibly go wrong?

Image Credits: Motortion/Getty Images.

Ukraine is releasing convicted criminals, including murderers, to fight against Russia’s “special operation” in the country, according to reports.

Andriy Sinyuk, a prosecutor at the Prosecutor General’s office announced on Sunday that criminals with a military background will be prioritized for release, RT reported.

“It’s a complicated issue decided at the highest level,” Sinyuk said.

Among the criminals being released is convicted murderer Sergey Torbin, who was sentenced to prison for six years in 2018 for dousing acid on civil rights activist and anti-corruption campaigner Kateryna Handziuk, who died from her injuries.

Sinyuk said Torbin handpicked former inmates for his squad after his early release.

One of the men picked is former combat veteran Dmitry Balabukha, who was sentenced to nine years in jail for stabbing a man to death at a bus stop after an argument in 2018.

How the Ukrainian government is positive these individuals will actually carry out their duties to fight for their homeland and not flee was not explained.

The announcement comes amid reports the Russian military has surrounded and cut off Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, and is preparing to move in.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the government was prepared to hand out firearms to every civilian willing to fight against Russian forces, and reports as of Friday claim over 18,000 rifles have been handed out.

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