Xi to Skip Davos, Collapsing Hopes of ‘Phase One’ Deal Signing Event With Trump

Trade war now has no end in sight

Image Credits: FABRICE COFFRINI / Staff / Getty.

If it was The Wall Street Journal or other US financial media outlets, for the last several weeks, pumping headlines via “people familiar with the discussions,” about how President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping could have a phase one trade deal signing event at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January.

It turns out, after all the optimism of a potential signing event at Davos between Trump and Xi — it was just all bogus hype — as it now appears Xi is skipping the event, according to Bloomberg.

Beijing will still send its top trade negotiator Vice Premier Liu He to sign the phase one trade deal in Washington in January.

It seems that China isn’t interested in grandstanding the trade deal, unlike Trump.

Trump is looking for any political win as the election year is fast approaching.

A signing ceremony with Xi at Davos would give Trump handshaking pictures with Xi that would be plastered around the world and in the domestic press with the illusion that the best deal in the world was signed — really, it was a watered-down deal, with no end in sight in the trade war as the US still has tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese imports.

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