Yale Professor: ‘Mass Suicide And Mass Seppuku’ Of Japanese Elderly Population ‘Only Solution’ To Aging Society

Yale professor claims genociding old people could fix economic troubles

Image Credits: VICTOR HABBICK VISIONS / Getty.

Yale University professor Yusuke Narita is suggesting the nation of Japan begin a mass suicide campaign where elderly people are encouraged to commit “seppuku,” which is “an act of ritual disembowelment.”

“I feel like the only solution is pretty clear,” Narita told an internet news program in late 2021. “In the end, isn’t it mass suicide and mass ‘seppuku’ of the elderly?”

According to the New York Times, the professor once said there will need to be a discussion in the future about the possibility of making euthanasia “mandatory.”

The controversial comments made by Narita have gained him a large following among young Japanese citizens who feel the nation’s large elderly population is harming them economically.

After receiving global attention, the Yale educator walked his statements back by claiming he used the phrases “mass suicide” and “mass seppuku” as “an abstract metaphor.”

“I should have been more careful about their potential negative connotations,” he said. “After some self-reflection, I stopped using the words last year.”

While Narita is trying to distance himself from the pro-euthanasia comments, his hundreds of thousands of Japanese social media followers are floating mass suicides as a legitimate form of economic easing.

This anti-human mentality is rampant among the global elite who would like nothing more than to cull the world of older people who are more dependent on others.

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