Yet Another Lockdown Architect Caught Violating Lockdown Rules

Health Secretary caught kissing mistress at a time when Brits were told they shouldn't shake hands.

Image Credits: WPA Pool via Getty Images.

Yet another architect of the UK’s lockdown has been caught violating it as photos revealed Health Secretary Matt Hancock passionately kissing his mistress at a time when Brits were being told they shouldn’t even shake hands.

“Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been having a secret affair with his closest aide,” reports the Sun. “He cheated on his wife with Gina Coladangelo, 43, who he hired last year with taxpayers’ money, as Covid gripped Britain.”

The photos were taken on May 6, when restrictions that prevented people from meeting indoors and even shaking hands with each other were still in place.

Hancock’s affair almost certainly was going on for much longer before that.

According to a government whistleblower, it was “shocking that Mr Hancock was having an affair in the middle of a pandemic with an adviser and friend he used public money to hire.”

Hancock has denied any wrongdoing and claims no rules were broken.

His behavior mimics that of Professor Neil Ferguson, whose warning that 500,000 Brits could die of COVID-19 unless a lockdown was imposed became the basis for government policy.

Ferguson repeatedly violated the lockdown in order to have sex with 38-year-old married mother of two Antonia Staats, who traveled across London to visit Ferguson on several occasions.

How serious is the virus when the very people warning us about how deadly it is repeatedly violate the very rules they impose on everyone else?

As we highlight in the video below, Hancock and Ferguson are far from isolated cases when it comes to the same elitists who filled us with dread about COVID-19 continually breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules.



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