“You Are A Threat!” – Mask Freak Erupts On Woman At Shopping Mall

Mainstream media's divisive rhetoric sends man on a tirade

Image Credits: twitter screenshot.

Viral footage out of Toronto, Canada shows an unhinged man screaming at a woman for not wearing a mask inside a shopping mall.

Providing a real-life example of what mainstream media COVID fearmongering can do to a person, the man harassed and publicly chastised the woman.

“There are children… you’re not special,” the man began telling her.

He then pulled out his phone and started filming the bare-faced woman, shouting, “You are a threat! Get out of the mall!”

When a passerby told the angry man to “Leave her alone,” he answered by telling the stranger “put your mask on.”

When security arrived, they told the self-anointed mask policeman the woman had an exemption from wearing a mask.

The triggered guy did not accept the fact that the woman had an exemption and called her a “liar” before asking security to call the police.

Just last week, a Holocaust survivor warned of similarities between the Nazi regime’s labeling of Jews as spreaders of disease with current rhetoric demonizing anti-vaxxers or anti-maskers.

“I know the consequences of being stigmatized and demonized as being a ‘spreader’ of disease,” she said.

We cannot allow that kind of history to repeat itself.

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