“You’re a Criminal!” Hillary Clinton Heckled by Protesters in Ireland

Protesters shouted at former Sec. of State as she entered Irish college wearing ceremonial robe.

Image Credits: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images.

Protesters stationed outside Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland, jeered and hurled insults at former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Friday as she attended an induction ceremony.

Footage shows the two-time failed Democrat presidential candidate being escorted into Belfast wearing a large, flowing ceremonial gown.

As depicted in the video clip, a gathering of protesters were amassed outside the college to tell Clinton exactly what they thought of her.

“Hillary! You’re a criminal!” one woman can be heard shouting at her from nearby.

Clinton waves at the protesters, then proceeds to walk inside the university.

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The ceremony marked the former First Lady’s inauguration as Queen University’s first female chancellor.

“Clinton was appointed in early 2020 but her installation was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” reports DailyMail.

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