‘You’re Going To See Headlines’: Trump Takes Direct Aim At Media Critics With ‘Extra Term’ Joke

"We told you he’s a dictator. We told you,'” he joked

President Donald Trump took a direct shot at his critics in the media on Monday evening as he wrapped up his remarks at a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Referencing comments he had made earlier in the day, the president joked about needing to “extend” his second term as president by a couple of years in order to remain in office until the United States hosted the World cup in 2026.

Trump mentioned the number of record highs seen on Wall Street during his time in the White House, saying, “Many, many times. I can’t be sure of that, but it’s a lot, media. I always have to preface that, because they’ll do headlines. Headlines. ‘Trump didn’t tell the truth.’ Oh, they love it. I’ve gotten extremely cautious.”

Trump went on to mention the 2026 World Cup. “I announced today that we’ve got the soccer World Cup. That’s a big thing. Who else is going to do it? We’ve got a problem. It’s in 2026,” he began. “I said, ‘well, wait a minute. Under the normal rules, I’ll be out in 2024. So we may have to go for an extra term.’”

“They’re going crazy. They’re going crazy. Tomorrow, you’re going to see headlines, ‘Trump wants another term. I told you. I told you. He wants an extra term, ladies and gentlemen. We told you. We told you he’s a dictator. We told you,’” he joked. “No. No. I’m only kidding. But we actually have the World Cup.”

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