“You’re Spreading That Sh*t, That Coronavirus:” Man Drinks Out of Fruit Juice Bottles, Places Back on Store Shelves

This is why you don't buy anything with a broken safety seal

Image Credits: Video screenshot.

In a video which highlights why you shouldn’t buy food products with broken safety seals, a man is seen drinking out of fruit juice bottles and placing them back on store shelves.

“You’re spreading that shit, that coronavirus,” the cameraman said to the man who just brushed off the notion.

There’s been other reports of people intentionally coughing on others and contaminating food and drink sold at grocery stores and gas stations across the country, which has, of course, exacerbated grocery shortages.

Last week a New Jersey man was hit with multiple charges after he reportedly coughed on a grocery store worker and claimed he had coronavirus following a dispute.

The man is now facing charges of making a terroristic threat, harassment, and obstruction of justice.

And in Virginia, police reported that teenagers were seen filming themselves coughing on store produce.

“The report said that the store, identified on social media as Harris Teeter, immediately removed the items and cleaned up the area,” reported the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard. “The police said, ‘The grocery store immediately removed the items in question, and has taken appropriate measures to ensure the health of store patrons.’”

Social media can certainly draw parallels to movies such as Death Race 2000 in which anti-social behavior – and even violence at times – is glorified by those seeking attention and fame in front of a large audience.

Arguably, if people couldn’t upload videos to social media, there wouldn’t be an incentive for this behavior; however, this is a double-edged sword because providing normal citizens a platform to shoot videos with their own commentary engages the cherished right of free speech.

So while shallow, Idiocracy behavior is at times overly appreciated, the ability of men with minds to spread the brushfires of liberty and Americana through social media completely overrides the decadence of attention-seekers, which is why free speech is protected.

Of course, none of the activity of coughing and contaminating food and drinks on store shelves is protected free speech and would likely run afoul of terrorism charges.

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