Youtube And The Catholic Church Promote Pedophilia

Major scandal has advertisers removing content from the website

Image Credits: Nikonian Novice / Flickr.

A YouTuber known as MattWhatItIs dropped a bombshell on YouTube’s quickly dissolving “integrity.”

In a 20 minute video, he detailed a softcore pedophile ring that operates within Youtube’s comment section.

Meanwhile, the Pope attempts to right the sinking ship that is the Catholic Church by avoiding responsibility for molesting THOUSANDS of children.

While these crimes against humanity linger, those exercising their Freedom of Speech are the ones targeted.

Perhaps freedom of speech and pedophilia appear to be apples and oranges, but the criminalization of freedom of speech allows any criticism of YouTube’s pedophile content to be banned as well.

Youtube is owned by Google and Google was partly funded by the CIA and NSA.

Essentially, Youtube and Google are public utilities and therefore, Congress needs to regulate this monopoly ASAP before our Bill Of Rights completely disappears.