Zero Dark Trump

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Since he first announced last Saturday that he would be arrested by New York City police the following Tuesday, millions of Trump-obsessed Americans have now waited nearly a week for the big day to arrive. 

This may be the only chance in a lifetime for so-called journalists like us to write ledes like:

“The former president may be perp-walked for paying hush money to a porn star.”

But even before the big day arrived, the overproduction of elites had created an overproduction of “deep fakes,” made by A.I., of Trump being arrested.

Naturally, Trump supporters were having none of it. 

“As per sources on the ground,” tweeted another deep faker, @MadMikeOfficial, “Trump has taken command of the NYPD and has become the undisputed warlord of Manhattan.”

Wait, Wait It’s Even Weirder Than That

The people who have taken upon themselves the great burden of spying on and censoring their fellow citizens for wrongthink — the hall monitors within the Censorship Industrial Complex — have been warning for years that deep fakes like the Trump images above would result in “disinformation” campaigns and “influence operations” by “malign actors.”

Funny, then, that it was one of the leading members of the Censorship Industrial Complex, Eliot Higgins of the creepy Bellingcat, who was the first to create and tweet out the Trump deep fakes.

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