Zombie-Like Woman Bites Uber Driver During Shocking Rampage

Driver says crazed woman behaved like an animal

Image Credits: Screenshots / Twitter.

An Atlanta-based Uber driver was victim of an attack and vicious biting by a crazed woman described as a ‘zombie’ by onlookers.

Yasser Hadi says he had just dropped off passengers when the woman ambushed him on the street, climbing onto his vehicle and screaming at him while breaking his windshield wipers.

“She’s acting weird, she’s acting wild, and she’s on the car hitting it, telling me I need to die, to kill me,” Hadi told Fox 5 Atlanta.

The woman then forced her way into the driver’s seat of Hadi’s car and proceeded to thrash around while he dragged her back out into the street.

Enraged, the woman reportedly sank her teeth into Hadi’s ribcage.

“The pain, I said, ‘God, just let her take my flesh, I don’t care,’” said Hadi. “I want her to go away from me.”

“She was like an animal to me. A dog doesn’t bite like this.”

“Last night i witnessed the zombie apocalypse,” wrote Twitter user Rico, who originally shared video of the attack.

Hadi posted an image of his wound to a GoFundMe set up to alleviate medical bills and repair costs.

Police arrested Tasheena Campbell, 26, charging her with battery and criminal trespass.

Police say Campbell, who already had two probation violation warrants out, later urinated on the floor at the station, while also banging her head against the wall.

Hadi says he is disappointed bystanders did not intercede to help him.

“The people watching, they do nothing,” Hadi said.

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